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Softshell Clam Survey of Upper Penobscot Bay, 1966-67

Allowances made due to the rocky features of the shoreline reduced this potential clam growing area to 27 acres. Twenty-three (23) shellfish samples were collected here the total commercial population was estimated to be 300 bushels with a community value from $15,700 to $43,200.

Morse Cove (Stations 36 - 43) This portion of Morse Cove within the boundaries of Penobscot contains a very small intertidal zone totaling 8 acres. Of these 8 acres, one was deducted from the total because of the evenly distributed cobbles and stones along the upper intertidal zone leaving 7 acres of prospective clam growing flats. It was only necessary to collect 9 shellfish samples within this area because the clam populations were confined to the lower intertidal zone. Available commercial populations were estimated to be 600 bushels. Community value of this crop was estimated to be $12,100 to $32,400.

Conclusion Results of the soft-shell clam survey indicate that this portion of Penobscot is relatively poor in both clam producing areas and existing clam populations.

From a total estimated standing crop of 1,400 bushels of harvestable soft-shell clams, the estimated value to the community was $27,800 to $75,600.

Projected yields during the second year of harvest were also estimated to be poor. Benefits applied to the Town of Penobscot from this estimated standing crop of clams would be from $18,000 to $48,600.