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Earth First! Treesitting Blockades Begin. Spring/Summer 1985 From action diaries, newsclippings. agencies and audio recordings.
Update: 2008. Ritual "Bodhi" chanting by EF!ers in Everglades swamp, spring night. (3 min mp3.)

Ron Huber trip diary heading from Maryland to Oregon to protect old growth forests, April 1985

Mike Jakubal ascends a douglas fir in 1st Earth First! treesit. May 20, 1985 ***Online audio recording of excerpts of this action. (RealMedia) (Includes Mike Jakubal, Mike Roselle, Marcy Willow, Doug Norlen, "Sarge", Ken Day and Ron Huber.)

Mike Roselle, Mike Jakubal & Ron Huber go to 1985 Washington state EF! rendezvous to promote tree climbing as CD action. June 14, 1985

Huber's diary of the Millenium Grove action from affinity group arrival onsite June 3, 1985 at Squaw/Three Units 6 and 9 timbersale sites to the July 20 Freddies' failed cherrypicker attack on Huber in his tree

USFS agent Christenson describes siege, arrest of treesitter Ron Huber 1985

Audio Recording: Sneak attack by loggers, deputies & freddies takes out Jakubal's and Valerie Wade's unoccupied platforms, July 1985. Ron Huber in remaining occupied douglas fir hurls insults to loggers, grapples to neighboring trees. ( RealAudio.)

4th of July bust. Audio recording of Linn County Deputy Sheriff Chris Ives arresting treesitter Ron Huber's ground crew, and Ron's reactions. 1985 (real audio)

Linn County Deputy Sheriff Dave Freeman describes being in a crane box and encountering & negotiating with Huber on his tree platform. 1985

Oregon District Attorney lists state charges against Ron Huber, 1985

Ron Huber's jail diary description of his treesitting action July 1985

Ron Huber saves his tree Yggdrasil's life after she's cut down.

Ron Huber's article for Earth First Journal, "Battle for Millenium Grove" August.