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DREDGING: Everything You ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask...
The pollution history of Penobscot Bay's 19th and 20th century industrial ages is written in the sediments of the many working harbors around the Bay. A practical necessity to keep our vessels safely navigating our tricky Bay, dredging (and the disposal of the dredged "spoils") must be done with great care.

Here's a checklist of questions to ask federal dredging officials; culled from a much longer report that can be downloaded as .PDF files from the Coast Alliance .
Pg 1: What law applies?
Pg 2 What agencies are involved?
Pg 3 Questions about the dump site.
Pg 4 Designated & undesignated dumpsites
Pg 5 Disposal site evaluation
Pg 6 Disposal area criteria
Pg Setting Permit Conditions & Requirements
Pg 8 Prohibitions & Restrictions