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1990s SEARS ISLAND PORT STRUGGLE .______ Click Here for 2004 Sears Island LNG Struggle

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In the 1990's conservationists and four federal agencies ultimately frustrated an effort by the state of Maine and port supporters to build a cargo port on Sears Island. Documentation from that effort. How PEER helped save the island.


February 28, 1996: Governor Angus King blames eelgrass for defeat of his Sears Island Port plan, on Maine Public Radio. (MP3 audio)

Maine DMR Comissioner Robin Alden 10/13/95 Letter to ACOE downplaying eelgrass and attacking NMFS description of Sears Island's marine role generally.

* Maine DOT's Sears Island Chronology 1976 -1993 *** June 17, 1985. State of Maine "takes" Sears Island from Bangor Investment Company *** February 8, 1994. Bangor Investment Company files final "quitclaim" with State of Maine.*** Sears Island Area Clam Survey, 1967. Searsport ****Stockton Harbor

* Maine DEP letter to Brian Nutter, Maine DOT 11/27/95, asking for MDOTs response to questions on the Sears Island port proposal's wetlands impacts, and need for woodchip exports.



*ACOE 10/20/95 memo about federal agencies' scorn for DMR and DIFW reports quality.

* ACOE 11/13/95 memo re meeting with Conservation Law Foundation, Sierra Club and others about disputes that feds and eco-groups have with Maine DOT, DMR and IFW over the Sears Island port proposal.

* ACOE December 1995 memo about meeting with CLF & Sierra Club


* US EPA Sept 29, 1995 letter to FHWA and Army Corps, opposing Sears Island port

* US EPA, NMFS, USF&WS joint Sept 29, 1995 press release opposing Sears Island port

* US EPA December 1995, rejects in detail claims of Maine Dept of Inland Fish & Wildlife and Dept of Marine Resources that Sears Island forest and marine ecosystems are unimportant.

* US EPA Sears Island Consent Decree 1996. EPA Federal Register notice on Maine DOT agreeing to settle illegal wetlands filling case brought by Conservation Law Foundation, Sierra Club and US Department of Justice.

* US EPA August 11, 1998 Federal Register notice announcing withdrawal of state plan to prepare EIS for Sears Island cargoport proposal


* NMFS September 29. 1995 responds critically to the Environmental Impact Study (EIS)


Sears Island 1995 EIS - Report on eelgrass, clams and lobsters around Sears Island. By Normandeau Associates

* Dr. Frederick T. Short, PhD, prominent eelgrass researcher, 11/30/95 letter to Maine DMR Commissioner Robin Alden's criticising her Sears Island report submitted to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

* Normandeau Associates: Marine Resource Impacts Report from that EIS that NMFS criticized. (Excerpts)


*FHWA Federal Highway Administation files notice that it is abandoning plan for federal environmental impact study for the Sears Island port proposal August 1998



Conservation Law Foundation's October 12, 1995 response to the 1995 Environmental Impact Study of the Sears Island cargo port plan

* Sears Island Consent Decree. 1996 Maine DOT agrees to settle illegal wetlands filling case brought by CLF, Sierra Club and US Dept of Justice. Read excerpts

* Jim Freeman's May 1995 report to Maine Green Party on the woodchip industry link to the Sears Island port proposal May 1995.

* Steve Miller, Islesboro Island Land Trust September 28,1995 letter to US Army Corp of Engineers, urging denial of the port.

* Steve Miller, Islesboro Island Land Trust December 1995 letter to Maine Dept of Marine Resources Commissioner Robin Alden, rejecting her report that a Sears Island port wouldn't hurt the environment, and that the island's nearshore marine ecosystems are unimportant.

* Ron Huber (Coastal Waters Project) August 12, 1995 Oral testimony on the Draft Supplemental EIS for the proposed Sears Island Terminal, at the National Guard Armory in Belfast Maine

* Written testimony from Ron Huber opposing Sears Island cargoport plan September 27, 1995 .

* Ron Huber 11/01/95 updates Steve Miller on an October 95 interagency meeting about Sears Island, as learned from a NMFS attendee to the meeting.

* Ron Huber's 3/29/96 Letter to DMR Commissioner Robin Alden re: Sears Island plan and ballast water issues.

* Activist Julian Holmes' June 5, 1996 open letter to Governor King reviewing the Sears Island cargoport plan. June 5, 1996.

* Earth First! occupies Maine DOT office over Sears Island port project. From Oct 1994 "Adams Report".

* Ron Huber's (Northern Forest Forum) 2/28/96 article "Sears Island Port Plan rejected!"

* Jim Freeman article (Native Forest Network) announcing defeat of Sears Island cargoport, 1996

* Earth First! gives Angus King raucous sendoff at airport. King was going to Japan to seek woodchip buyers .

* (Nor'eastah Earth First!) 2/28/98 Announcement of 1998 Earth First! rendezvous on Sears Island. (Wassumkeag)

* Island Institute 2006 Sears Island article, Working Waterfront.


* 2003 Industry consultant report on "Impacts of the Proposed Wharf Construction Upon the Nearshore Environment at Sears Island"

* 2006 Consultant report (abstract) on results of wetlands mitigation on Sears Island after 5 years.