Governor Baldacci's staff & agency heads.
The governor's staff & agency heads appear frequently in the LNG FOA documents.
Details on each staffer. Details on each agency head

Jane Lincoln Chief of Staff
Jamie Waterbury Executive Secretary
Rosemarie Smith Personal Assistant to the Governor

Kurt Adams Chief Counsel
Sarah Burt Assistant Counsel

Richard Davies Senior Policy Advisor
Alan Stearns Senior Policy Advisor

Lee Umphrey Director of Communications
Joy Leach Deputy Director of Communications

Lennie Mullen Director of Constituent Services
Patrick Colwell, Jr. Deputy Director of Constituent Services

Lance Boucher Legislative Aide
Daryl Fort Director of Community Development
Andy Cashman Admin Secretary, Boards and Commissions

David Cole. Commissioner of MDOT
Dawn Gallagher. Commissioner of the MDEP
David Littell, Deputy Commissioner, MDEP
George D. Lapointe Commissioner of DMR
Roland (Dan) Martin Commissioner of DIFW
Patrick McGowan Commissioner of the Dept Conservation
Martha Freeman. Director of the State Planning Office
Jack Cashman. Commissioner of DECD
Michael P. Cantara Commissioner of the Dept of Public Safety
John Witherspoon C.E.O. of FAMEe
Rebecca Wyke Commissioner of the DAFS
Christine Bruenn Acting Comm'r of the DPFR
John Nicholas Commissioner of the DHS
Martin Magnusson Commissioner Dept of Corrections
Robert W. Spear Commissioner of the Dept of Agriculture
Susan Gendron Commissioner of the Dept of Education
Laura Fortman Commissioner of the DOL
Michael L. Finnegan Director of the MSHA
John Libby Nominee for Commissioner of DODVEM
Paul Dionne Executive Dir of the Workers Comp Board