AUGUSTA MAINE 04333-0001

June l, 2004

John Hyk
Waldo County Commissioner 39-B Spring Street
Belfast, ME 04915

Dear Mr. Hyk:

I want to thank you for stopping by this office recently to talk about the challenges and opportunities that face the state with regard to Sears Island and energy proposals. I regret that earlier responses to your correspondence were not directly responsive to some points you made in that letter. Please recognize that the volume of recent correspondence on these issues has been considerable, and the Administration has made every effort to present a consistent message to all parties.

At this point, there is no community within Penobscot Bay that has expressed formal interest in hosting an LNG facility. I have made clear my intent to defer to a host municipality before taking state actions in support of any LNG proposal.

The issue of regional decision-making in Maine is an important discussion. Certainly state, local, and federal processes provide opportunities for regional input and considerations of regional and statewide issues.. That being said, regional decision-making and regional jurisdiction is a constant topic of dialog in Maine. It is important that we work toward better tools.

Importantly, the framework of regional consultation in the Growth Management Act encourages town-to-town consultation in comprehensive planning and ordinance development.

I would urge the towns of Waldo County to take seriously this opportunity to make sure that the plans and ordinances of one town reflect the input of neighboring towns.

At the same time, I also hope to improve state-county-local dialog on matters of statewide importance. I look forward to ongoing discussion directly with you on any pending or future matters that allow Augusta and Waldo County to work together toward partnership.


John E. Baldacci Governor

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