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County Commissioners 103 Church St. Belfast, ME 04915

March 12, 2004 ATT: John Hyk

Dear Mr. Hyk:

We, the selectmen of Stockton Springs, are addressing this letter to you in protest of the proposal to put a LNG plant on Sears Island in the town of Searsport, Maine. We are very distressed that as a neighboring town we were not informed, not consulted, or asked in any way what the impact upon our community would be from such a major development with serious security risks.

Stockton Harbor abuts Sears Island. Half of the harbor is the property of Stockton Springs, the other half belongs to Searsport. The entrance to the harbor is a very narrow stretch of water between Squawpoint in Stockton and Sears Island. Any impact upon movement of shipping, delay in departure of boats from Stockton Harbor greatly affects our citizens and other people who moor boats in our harbor. These include many part-time and some full-time fishermen.

Since we are in the most critical impact zone, from what we can find out from the information, we protest not being informed about risks that might be involved in the shipping, delivery, storage and processing of liquid natural gas. Do you not think that the people in these small coastal communities should be given every opportunity to participate in the decision process of such an important choice?

We sincerely and respectfully request that you consider our concern regarding a dangerous or hazardous industry from adding to the significant amount of chemical and petroleum products already being processed in Searsport.

An area of the Maine coast that has been considered one of the premiere recreational and sailing spaces left on the east coast of America needs to be seen for the potential resource, both economic and environmental, that it is and developed with the greatest sensitivity as to how to best serve the people of this area.

While this has been a state affair primarily, we wanted you, as our county representative, to be aware of our concerns. The state has not been as open and clear with the citizens of the communities being approached for a LNG plant as it should have been. Please take our request for your assistance under consideration and let us know if there is anything small towns along the coast can do to make sure we are fully informed as to the risks involved in such a dangerous enterprise.


Sara Bradford First Selectperson

Eugne Ellis Second Selectman

Tom Fraser Third Selectman