From: Stearns, Alan
Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 2004 12:31 PM
To: Stearns, Alan; Umphrey, Lee; Leach, Joy
Subject: Governor's Quoddy Bay LLC/LNG statement

Quoddy Bay, LLC, today announced a development agreement with tribal government regarding an LNG facility at Pleasant Point, Maine. Governor John E. Baldacci expressed optimism that the Quoddy Bay approach will result in a successful project.

"I support the development of an LNG terminal in Maine while continuing my firm commitment to energy conservation, yet I've recognized that the first step in successful LNG development must be local government support.

"Today's announcement provides a pivotal first step forward.

"I'm pleased that Governor Francis and his tribal council are working toward a project that will bring jobs to Washington County and more clean energy options to the northeast.

"This potential project would invest more than $300 million on-site and will bring close to 1000 good paying construction jobs to Washington County.

"The potential project will also bring permanent positions and will create a revenue stream for tribal government.

'Those construction workers, permanent jobs, and revenues will give an enormous boost to restaurants, hotels, stores, banks, and other businesses in eastern Maine.

"I've talked to Governor Francis and promised to work closely with him. My administration will work hand-in-hand with Governor Francis and federal agencies to protect and promote local, regional and statewide interests. Outreach and education and more partnerships will be key next steps."