Town of Searsport, Maine
P. O. Box 499
Searsport, Maine 04974
548-6372 548-2300

The Honorable John Elias Baldacci April 15, 2004
Governor of Maine
1 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333-0001

Dear Governor Baldacci,

This is the formal request by the Town of Searsport Board of Selectmen and residents that we have the State's Proclamation that nothing will happen in regards to industry within the Town of Searsport without the people of Searsport being allowed a voice in this process. The Town realizes there is State owned property within its boundaries and we hope the State realizes that this property has a tremendous impact on the people of Searsport.

The factors important to the Selectmen and the residents would include but not necessarily be limited to the following:

1. The company interested and its main function
2. The size of the facility
3. The number of employees and skill levels involved with employment
4. Any agency approval processes
5. Any description the State has for safety that might be needed for residents
6. Any description(s) of impact studies and analyses.
7. Any "letters of intent" or "option" would not be given prior to the Town having input as to the industry
8. Specifics on how residents and Town Officials alike would convey their concerns and questions to the Governors office or appropriate agency offices.
9. Lastly, the Town would like to know of, or be involved with the development of, any Alternative Economic Plans the State may have for State owned property within the boundaries of Searsport

This is a list of some concerns our residents might have and some have been addressed previously. The Town has been told that if the Selectmen request a formal proclamation from Governor Baldacci he will write one for us. We appreciate this offer and are now taking you up on it. The Town of Searsport is holding a Special Town Meeting on May 15, 2004 at 9:00 A.M. and would like to have this letter by that date.

The Town of Searsport and its residents wishes to express its respective gratitude for the time and consideration of this letter and requests within.


Searsport Board of Selectmen

Joseph Perry, Chair
Carol Hersom, Vice Chair
Bruce Mills
John S. Herrithew

Board of Selectmen
Governor John Baldacci
Alan Stearns Commissioner
David Cole
Brian Nutter, Port Authority
Greg Nadeau Fred Michaud,
State Planning Office
Senator Carol Weston

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