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Adams, Kurt

From: Dusch, Jim E
Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2003 11:39 AM
To: Stearns, Alan
Cc: Gallagher, Dawn R; Davies, Richard; Adams, Kurt

Subject: RE: LNG Import Terminals at Harpswell and Sears Island

FYI on jurisdiction: as much as I'm sure you all took my draft memo as gospel (eh heh), there remains a question about day-to-day operational jurisdiction at the State level -- is it the Fire Marshall or Propane Board? I'm trying to get consensus on that right now. But other than day-to-day safety and maintenance, we have plenty of authority to oversee site development and pollution release issues.

My initial take on the op/ed letter: , For those of you not in the know with his terminology, a "bunkering" operation is when a vessel such as the LNG tanker would take on fuel (likely #6 oil) for its own engines. These operations can take place at the pier or out in the bay.

If it is done away from the pier, the Coast Guard oversees it; at the pier, we (under DEP rule, 06-096 CMR 600 and likely the FERC oversee it. The writer appears to have significant knowledge, so his ideas may be good ones. I'd suggest that whether or not we can (or want) to impose a no bunkering area is a question for a later date.

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From: Steams, Alan

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Subject: FW: LNG Import Terminals at Harpswell and Sears Island

No response to author requested or suggested. Forwarded for policy review & consideration response to me only in context of jurisdictional overview request.

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Subject: FW: LNG Import Terminals at Harpswell and Sears Island

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