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Capturing Lobsters with a groundfish trawl along the Maine coast.
Excerpts from Maine Department of Marine Resources annual trawl surveys of the state's marine waters.

Below are photographs from two successive "tows" of dragging gear by the Maine/New Hampshire trawl survey in the waters of outer Penobscot Bay.

Click each photo for a lobster catching sequence of pictures--from the initial haul-in of the net to the dumping out of the (primarily) lobster catches.
The photographs show how easy it is for a trawler to overharvest lobsters if it chooses to. While responsible fishermen won't do this in Maine waters, others inevitably will. It will take very little trawling effort of the sort shown in the links above to cause a significant decline in Maine lobsters--to the much lower levels enjoyed by states that allow dragging for lobsters, and allow the landing of dragged lobsters to their ports.