Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission 1883
Page 179

Catching Dogfish for Oil and Guano.
By B. Frank Gallup [Letter to Prof. S. F. Baird, Sept 26, 1882]

Allow me to call your attention to a new industry started this season on this coast upon scientific principles, and which promises to be a success, providing there is a bounty allowed to the fishermen. I refer to the catching of Dogfish and making them into oil and guano. I have paid this season $1 per 100 fish, and the fishermen claim that the price is too low, yet it is all that I can afford to pay for them - in fact all they are worth.

My views are that if the fishermen received a bounty in addition to the above price, that many more would engage in the business, and add their mite to ridding the ocean of these destructive fish.

I have this season converted the Pogie factory, formerly owned by Gallup & Holmes into using the fish, and can handle during their stay here say 1,000,000 fish, besides being instrumental in destroying twice that number in the young fish nearly matured.
East Boothbay, ME September 26, 1882