The Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission 1882

The capture of shad at Isles of Shoals, New Hampshire.
By Cedric Laighton

I have just arrived home, and the first thing I have done was to make inquiries in regard to the shad. Haley, our head boatman, assures me that it is a fact that the shad were taken here last August. He informs me that Josiah Randall took them in his seine off Lounging Island to the number of ten barrels the latter part of last August. Jim Haley also informs me that Samuel Robinson, in the schooner Can't Come It, some years ago off York Beach, in August took over 90 barrels of shad in his seine.

Appledore House, Isles of Shoals, Portsmouth, N.H. April 3, 1882.