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Abbe, W. A., 120. Proposed Limitation of Menhaden Fishing to July 1,
and of Mackerel Fishing to June 15--Occurrence of Herring. 468

Anderson, John, 88. Notes on the Biology of the Salmon and Grilse 429

Atwood, N. E., 89. Unexplained Variations in the Yield of Oil from Cod Livers 431

Babbitt, John O., 118. The Injurious Effect of Menhaden Steamers upon the Food Fisheries 463

Baird, Spencer F., 30. The Instruction of Naval Midshipmen in Taxidermy, Icthyology, &c., at
the United States National Museum and on board the Steamers of the United States Fish Commission. 239
-, 94. Purchase of Professor Poey's Ichthyologia Cabana by the Spanish Government. 439

Barker, E. L., 110. The Incipiency of the Menhaden Oil Business 456

Barnes, William M., 80. Supposed Occurrence of Sail-fish (Histiophorus) 423

Bartlett, S. P., 81. The Cultivation of Croppies in Ponds 362

Bean, Tarleton H., 19. Directions for Collecting and Preserving Fish 197

Behr, Von, 66. Management of Spawning Carp 392

Borne, Max von dem, 26. The American Black Bass 221

Brown, James Temple., 75. Some Notes on Whales 411

Buck, H. H., 108. Report upon Hatching One million Whitefish Eggs from the Great Lakes, at Orland, Me., and upon Planting the Young in Eagle Lake, Mount Desert 454

Cary, H. H., 104. Period of Incubation of Eggs of German Carp 447

Church, Daniel T., 115. Why the Size of Mesh in Menhaden Seines should not be restricted 403

Clark, Frank N., 34. Spawning of California Mountain Trout, Reared in Confinement, from Eggs brought from McCloud River 256

Clark, Frank N., and Seymour Bower, 58. On the Propriety of Depositing Whitefish Minnows off the Harbor of Cleveland, Ohio 849

Collins, J. W., 98. Success of the Gill-net Cod Fishery on the New England Coast, Winter of 1882-'83 441

Crosby, John Schuyler, 49. Stocking the Streams of Montana with Fish 301

Dall, William H., 82. Notes on the Pacific Coast Trade in Shells, Shrimps, Cod and Salmon 425

D'Homergue, Louis C., 111. Reasons for Restricting the Use of Steamers and Seines in the Menhaden Fishery 450

Dohrn, Anton, 91. The Zoological Station at Naples, Italy 433

Downman, R.H. 67 What Frogs sometimes Eat 392
- 68. Shad, Herring, &c., excluded from the Rappahannock River by Dams 392

Dresser, Henry., 92. Notes on the Natural History of the Buffalo. 438

Earll, R. E., 102. Proposed Limitation of the Herring Fishery in Maine and its Effects upon Bait and Canning Interests 445

Farr, S.C., 84. Description of a California Salmon (Onchorhynchus sp.) found in one of the Rivers of New Zealand and Identified by Dr. T. H. Bean. 427

Friedlaender,Oscar O., 112. Notes on the Menhaden Fishery 459

Gardner, A. P., 78. Experiments in the Pond Culture of Trout, Suckers, and Catfish. 417

Grant, Isaac H., 123. Movements of Menhaden--Catch of Herring 470

Hanna, S. W., 73. Description of an Eel-like Creature taken in a Net at New Harbor, Maine, in 1880. 407

Harris, Gwynn, 131. Total Amount of Shad and Herring caught on the Potomac River during the Spring of 1882 477

Hessel, Rud., 100. Arrival of Blue Carp from Germany 443

Holberton, Wakeman, 16. The Successful Stocking of Streams with Trout 192

Hubrecht, A. A. W., 56. Fish Culture as seen at the London Exhibition, with Special References to its History, Apparatus, and Methods in the United States 337




Hunger, Dr. Oscar, 72. Varieties of Carp in Saxony 408

Huske, C. J., 103. Shad Work in South Carolina 446

Jennings, Ralph S., 55. Process of Preserving Fish 336

Johnston & Sons, Jos., 118. Scotland Fisheries and Apparatus 466

Koss, R. A., 129. Trout and Trout Culture 473

La Valette St. George, von, 23. A New Fish-hatching Apparatus. 209
-, 106. A New Fish-hatching Apparatus 448

Lennurt, J. T., 97. Catch of Spawning Shad in the Potomac, above Georgetown. 440

Lindenkohl, A., 107. Notes on the Model of the Gulf of Maine, constructed for the United States Fish Commission 449

Ljungman, Axel Vilhelm, 29. Sweden at the Great International Fishery Exposition at London, 1883 231

Lowell, James Russell, 105. Success of the United States Exhibit at the London International Fisheries Exhibition 447

Luce, Thomas R., 122. Occurrence of Balistes capriscus Gmelin (Leather jacket or File-Fish) at New Bedford, Mass. 489

McDonald, Marshall, 15. History of the Experiments leading to the Development of the Automatic Fish-hatching Jar. 183
-, 46. Summary of Distribution of Fish by Car No. 1 during the Past Season 295

Malmgren, A. J., 62. Memorial addressed to the Bureau of Agriculture of the Imperial Senate for Finland, January 20, 1883, in regard to the Advisability of Introducing Artificial Fish Culture in Finland. 383

Martin, S. J., 10. Some of the Early Results of the Introduction of Cod Gill-nets at Gloucester, Mass., 1880-1881. 153
-, 11. Notes on the Cod Gill-net Fishing at Gloucester, Mass., 1882-1883 15
-, 12. The American Purse-seine successful in the Herring Fisheries of Sweden. 181
-, 13. Notes on the Fisheries of Gloucester,. Massachusetts. 182
-, 47. The Movements of Schools of Mackerel. 295
-, 48. Notes on the Fisheries of Gloucester, Massachusetts. 297
-, 81. Fitting out with Cod Gill-nets. 424
-, 124. Movements of Mackerel. 470

Mason, Frank H., 38. Proposed Exportation of Whitefish Eggs to Switzerland 272

Mather, Fred, 127. Exchange of Live Marine Specimens with France 472

Meek, Seth E., 87. A Note on the Atlantic Species of the Genus Anguilla. 130

Metcalf, Martin, 126. Success in Propagating California Mountain Trout from Eggs brought to Michigan by the United States Fish Commission 471

Mobius, Karl, 24. On Experiments, begun in 1880, to plant American Oysters in the Western Baltic, and the Usefulness of Continuing these Experiments with the Aid of the German Fishery Association. 213
-,69. Can we do Anything to Decrease, Preserve, or Increase the Number of Our Useful Marine Animals? 393

Mosher, Gideon, 74. Do Striped Bass (Roccus lineatus) Feed on Menhaden? 410

Nicklas, Carl, 70. Production of Young Fry of the Carp 401

Nye, Willard, jr., 18. Do Snakes Catch and Eat Fish 196

Phillips, Barnet, 43. Early Catch of Mackerel 280
-, 76. A Stray Cod up the Hudson 416

Pierce, H. D., 53. The Spawning of Bluefish--An Opinion of the Cause of Mortality of Fish in the Gulf of Mexico 332

Polenz, Chamberlain von, 64. An Opinion Regarding R. Eckardt's Answer to Professor Malmgren 387

Polk, William B., 109. Experience of a Menhaden Oil Manufacturer in Northumberland County, Va 455

Potts, Edward, 85. Fresh-water Sponges: what, where, when, and who wants them. 389

Raveret-Wattel and Bartet. 22. Reproduction of California Salmon in the Aquarium of Trocadero 207

Redmond, Roland, 88. On Rainbow Trout reared from Eggs brought from California 230

Ryder, John A., 11. On the Thread-bearing Eggs of the Silversides (Menidia) 193
-,27. Preliminary Notice of the Development and Breeding Habits of the Potomac Catfish, Amiurus albidus (La Sueur) Gill 225.
-, 44. Rearing Oysters from Artificially Fertilized Eggs, together with Notes on Pond Culture, &c. 281
-,96. Report on the Abnormal Appearance of some Shad Eggs from a Fish kept in Confinement at Havre de Grace, Maryland 440

St. John, J. Hector, 14. An Account of the Whale Fishery of Nantucket, Mass., One hundred Years ago 179



Schieffelin & Co., W. H., 88. Unexplained Variations in the Yield of Oil from Cod Livers 431

Slade, Elisha, 132. Dates of the Appearance of Herring, Shad, Bass, Tautog, Scup, Frostfish, Fish hawks, Kingfishers, and Greenland Seal in Taunton River, from 1871 to 1883, inclusive 478

Smiley, Chas. W., 1. List of Papers relating to the Work of the United States Fish Commission, from its Organization, in 1871, to July 1, 1883, and which have been Published under the Direction of the United States Fish Commission, National Museum, and Tenth Census, together with a Topical Synopsis of the Titles 1.
-, 2. A List of the Published Reports of the Commissioners appointed by Authority of the various States of the United States. 85
-, 3. Check-list of the Published Reports of the Fish Commissioners of the various States of the United States. 108
-, 4. The Organization and Personnel of the United States Fish Commission, June 1, 1883. 115
-, 5. A List of the Names and Addresses of the Fish Commissioners of the various States of the United States, and of Superintendents of Hatcheries, corrected to June 1, 1883; with some Indication of the Limits of the Terms upon which they are now serving. 117
-, 6. A List of the Names of all Persons who have been appointed Commissioners of Fisheries of the Various States of the United States, with their Addresses, and the Dates of their Terms of Service. 123
-, 9. Four Tables, showing the Amount of Public Money appropriated for carrying on the United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries, and the various State Commissions, from 1885 to 1882, inclusive. 149
-, 20. Planting and Catch of Shad in Coosa River, Alabama. 200
-, 32. Answers to One hundred and eighteen Questions relating to German Carp. 241
-, 394 First Appearance of Porpoise. 272
-, 46. Tonnage of Vessels of the United States employed in the Whale, Cod, and Mackerel Fisheries, from 1800 to 1882, inclusive. 273
-, 41. Statistics of the Imports and Exports of Fish, Fish-oil, Whalebone, &c., for Ten Years ending June 30,1882. 273
-, 52. Notes on the Edible Qualities of German Carp, and Hints about Cooking them. 305
-, 54. The German Carp, and its Introduction in the United States. 333

Smiley, Chas. W., and Chas. W. Scudder, 8. A List of the Blank Forms, Circulars and Minor Publications of the United States Fish Commission, from its Organization, in 1871, to August 1, 1883. 129

Smith, Everett, 99. A Mammoth Cod. 443

Snell, Merwin P., 38. An Important Fishway Cause 266

Spinney, Benjamin H., 80. Return to Gloucester of Young Codfish hatched by United States Fish Commission in 1879. 362

Southwell, Thomas, 117. Notes on the English Herring Fishery of 1882. 465

Stabler, Edward, 7. Growth and Protection of Carp from Turtles, etc. 127

Stearns, R. E. C., 59. Edible Clams of the Pacific Coast, and a Proposed Method of Transplanting them to the Atlantic Coast 353

Stearns, Silas, 119. Fluctuations in the Fisheries of the Gulf of Mexico and the proposed Investigation of them. 467

Sterling E., 50. On the Impropriety of Depositing Whitefish Minnows off the Harbor ofCleveland, Ohio-Fishing for Saugers. 302

Stone, Livingston, 130. Scarcity of Salmon in the Little Spokane and other Streams on Pacific Coast. 476

Swan, James G., 21. Report of Investigations at Neah Bay, Wash., respecting the Habits of Fur-seals of that vicinity, and to arrange for procuring Specimens of Skeletons of Cetacea 201

Tanner, Z. L., 125. Movements of Mackerel. 471

Taylor, Fred. W., 57. Analysis of Artesian-well Water from the Shad-hatching Station at Havre de Grace, Md. 348

Treskow-Weissagk, von, 51. What Dangers threaten the Products of the old Pond Carp Fisheries from Artificial Fish Culture. 303

Vail, David F., 121. Why the Catching of Menhaden with Seines, etc., should be Restricted. 469

Walke, E. H., 45. Spawning of Esox (Pike or Pickerel) in North Carolina. 295

Wallem, Fredrik M, 31. Export of Fish-oil from Norway, 1878-'82. 240

Ward, Lester F. 35. Marsh and Aquatic Plants of the Northern United States, many which are suitable for Carp Ponds 257

Waterbury, E. B. et al, 79. Obstructions to Salmon in Pend d'Oreille River, Montana, requiring a fish-way or removal of falls. 421

Wharton, Joseph 113. Why Menhaden Seining should not be prohibited within Two Miles of the Shore. 462

White, C. M. 101. Ability of Carp to endure Muddy, Slimy and Stagnant Water. 444

Wilcox. W. A. 95. Reappeance of Young Cod Hatched by the United States Fish Commission. 439

Willequet, E. 25. Fish Culture in Belgium. 218

Willequet, E. 93. Fish Culture in Belgium. Proposed Government action. 437

Wood, W. M. 42. Report on the trap-nets fished in the spring of 1883 in the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. 278.

Zenk, F. 71. Prices of Carp, Tench, and Goldorfe in Germany. 406

Miscellaneous and Reprints

Atlantic City Review, 114. Large Haul of Drum-fish. 462.

Cape Anne Advertiser. 77. Success of the Cod Gill-net Fishery. 416

Cape Ann Advertiser, 90. A New Process of Drying Fish. 432

Deutsche Fischerei Zeitung, 63. A Verdict against Artificial Fish Culture, and an answer thereto. 382

Deutsche Fischerei Zeitung, 85. The Artificial Raising of Cod in America. 428

London Daily Telegraph, 128. The Scotch Herring Fisheries. 472

Maryland Fish Commission Report, 33. Directions Concerning the Construction of Carp Ponds. 249

New York Market Index and Journal, 83. Report for 1879 and 1880 of the Sale of Fish in Fulton Market, New York. 426

Tenth Census, 37. Statistics of the Fisheries of the United States in 1880. 269