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Ancher, Ernst, 82. The Kurren and Keitell (fishing vessels) of the Courland Haf 167

Annin, jr. James. 40 Poachers or Destructive Visitors of Fish Ponds 85

Atkins, Charles G., 85. Memoranda relative to Inclosures for the Confinement of Salmon, drawn from
experience at Bucksport, Penobscot River, Maine 170
_, 170. Memoranda on Landlocked Salmon 341
_, 188. Ten Questions concerning the Habits and Breeding of Landlocked Salmon, with Replies 383

Atwater, W. O., 107. Tables illustrative of the Nutritive Value of Fish. 203
_, 128. Report of Analysis of a Sample of Fish Guano made from Salmon Offal, by Mr: Joseph Spratt, of Victoria, British Columbia 238

Baird S. F., 72. Report on the Working of the Boilers and Engine of the United States Fish Commission Steamer Albatross. 145
_75. Annual Report on the Electric Lighting of the United States Steamer Albatross, December 31, 1883. 163

Baird, S. F., 90. On the Specimens received by the Smithsonian Institution from the United States Life Saving Service. 177

Baldwin, Charles H., 175 Notes on the Fish and Fisheries of Japan 352

Baumeyer, Monsieur, 19. American Lake Trout and Whitefish in France 52

Barber. C. H., 41. Success in Raising Landlocked Salmon 41

Bean, Tarleton H., 154. Brook Trout from Monadnock Lake and Cristine Lake, New Hampshire. 293

Blackford, E.G., 49. Carp in an Installment of Shad from James River 112

Borne, Max von Dem, 52. Success of Fish-culture. 115
_, 83. Wooden Tank for the Transportation of Living Fish, 168
_, 116. Spawning in Germany of the Large-mouthed Black Bass sent from the United States in 1882 219
_, 189. Report on Black Bass sent from America to Germany in 1883. 384

Bottemanne, C. J., 84. Penning of Salmon in Order to secure their Eggs. 169

Bower, Seymour, 50. Instructions for Taking Whitefish Eggs. 113

Brakeley, John H., 96. Plants for Carp Ponds 159

Brocchii, P., 46. Report on the Condition of Oyster Culture in France in 1881. 97

Brumme, Dr., 165. Great Results obtained with Little Water. 329

Butcher, E. Z., 108. How to Avoid a Soft or Muddy Taste of Carp 205

Carpenter, Charles, 156. What Muskrats sometimes Eat. 295

Carr, T.F. Robertson, 24. Notes on the Scotch Herring Fisheries. 60
_, 28. Notes on the Scotch Fisheries. 64
_, 208. Notes on the Scotch Herring Fisheries. 431

Casella, Louis P., 201. Treatment of the Casella-Miller Thermometer. 415

Certes, A., 210. Notes upon the Effect of High Pressures on the Vitality of Minute Freshwater and Saltwater Organisms. 433

Chapman, Sr., Pearson, 26. Habits of the Shad and Herring, as they Appear in the Potomac River to One who has Watched them for Fifty Years. 61

Christensen. R., 146. Notes on the History of the Fish-hook 282

Clark, A. Howard, 198. Notes on the Fisheries of Gloucester, Mass. 401

Collins, J. W., 5. Movements of Mackerel in Winter. 15
__, 6. A large Squid 15
__, 10. A Search for Mackerel off Block Island, Montauk, and Sandy Hook, in November, 1883. 49
__, 23. Some Observations on the Cod Gill-net Fisheries and on Preservatives for Nets. 58
__, 38. Inauguration of the Frozen Herring Trade 81
__, 87. What Codfish sometimes Swallow. 175
__, 93. Loss of Life and Property in the Gloucester Fisheries. 180

Collins, J. W., 113. An adventure with a Whale in the River Tay, Scotland. 213
_, 127. On the Occurrence of Corals in the Grand Banks. 237
_,134, Note on the Destruction of Mackerel by Dogfish. 248
_, 207. On the Scarcity of Mackerel in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 427
_, 211. On the Scarcity of Mackerel in the Gulf of St.Lawrence. 435
_, 220. On the Abundance of Halibut near Iceland. 403

Coxe, Frank, 124. Opening The Broad and other Rivers of North Carolina to Shad, Bass, &c. 232

Crittenden. A. R. 136. Catching Alewives with Hooks Baited with Eels 255

Curtis, J.E. 168. Fish in the National Park and Tributaries of Snake River. Propagation of Whitefish. 335

Dall, W. 57. Notes on Fishing Products exported from San Francisco, Cal., during the year 1883. 125

d'Homergue, Louis C., 100. Brief of the Objections made before Leon Abbott, Governor of New Jersey, to the " Act to Prohibit Fishing by Steam Vessels with Shirred or Purse Seines in any of the Waters within the Jurisdiction of the State of New Jersey. 189

Dowell, B.F. 27. Efforts in Trout Culture 64
_.114. Cultivating, Trout in Oregon. 217

Duke, R.T.W. 8. A four-pound Carp lives Eight Hours out of Water by being Packed in wet moss 16

Dukehart, J.P. 69. Transfer of Soft-shell Terrapin from the Ohio to the Potomac River. 143

Dunn, Matthias. 34. Number of Eggs in the Gadidas. 70

Dunning, Philo, 212. Two hundred tons of dead Fish, mostly Perch, at Lake Mendota, Wisconsin. 439

Earll, R. E. 202. Hatching Black fish and Spanish Mackerel 415

Elliott, Henry The Destruction of Carp by the Muskrat (Fiber zibethicus). Methods of Trapping the Rodent 296

Ewart, J. Cossar, 103. On the Natural and Artificial Fertilization of Sea-herring Eggs. 793

Ferguson, T. B., 133. Extracts from a Report of Investigations of the Shad

Fisheries and Rivers south of Charleston, S. C., with a view to establishing Stations for Artificial Propagation. 244

Finely, Chas. L, 44. Shad in Oregon Waters. A new Salmon Hatchery. 88
_,86. Further Report of R.D. Hume's Salmon Hatchery, Oregon. 174

Finn, W. 167. Can Herring live and increase in Inclosed Waters? 333

Fisher, Wm. J., 60. Statement of the Catch of the several Companies engaged in the salmon fisheries in Kadiak District Alaska Territory during the year 1883. 134

Forbes, R.B. 14. Loss of Life and property in the Fisheries. 181

Forbes, S.A.. Destruction of Fish-food by Bladderwort (Utricularia) 443

Friedlaender, Oscar O., 14. Notes on the Menhaden Fishing of 1883. 47

Fuller, Thomas, 4. Carp in England in the Seventeenth Century. 14

Garman, Samuel, In regard to the "Sea-serpent" of Literature. 128

Gerber, jr. C. 73. How to cook Carp. 151

Goode, G. Brown. 222. The Oyster Industry of the World. 468

Greenfield, Alfred, 101. Report upon the Receipt and Hatching of American Whitefish Ova and Planting of the Fry in Australia. 190

Haack, Director. 183. Trapping Kingfishers, Rodents, and other Enemies of Trout. 375

Habersham, William Ney A., 18. Note on the Use of the Male Salmon Hook, and the run of 1883 . 52

Hamlen, WM. 109. Reconnaissance of Florida Rivers, with a view to Shad hatching. 206

Harrell, Dock, 215 . Trapping Gasperea in Tangipahoa River 448

Harris, Gwynn, 2. Report upon the Shad and Herring Fisheries of the Potomac River for 1883. 13
_119. Report upon the Shad and Herring Fisheries of the Potomac River for 1884. 221

Harz, C. O, 216. On Manufactured Food for Trout and Carp 499

Hearder, William, 68, Waterproofing for Herring-nets. 143

Heath, Neil, 180. Effect of Cold on Fishes 369

Hector, James. 20 The Fisheries of New Zealand. 53

Hensmann, John T. 81. American Black Bass placed in the River Nene, England. 166

Herndon C.G. Sanitary Report on Old Providence Island, United States of Colombia. 412

Hess I.R. 50. Culture of Edible Snails. 166
_. 88. Leech Culture. 175
_,155. Snakes destructive to Carp. 294

Hinkelmann, Herr, 192, The Mode of Life of Eels. 189

Hoffmann, R.E., 221. Artificial Sea-water for Aquaria. 405

Holden, E. C., 161. The Columbia River Salmon--A Hatchery needed. 304

Hovey, H. C., 172. The Sturgeon Fishery 340

Hoxie, Walter, 37. Occurrence of Mullet in Fresh Water. 80

Hudson, George A., 54. Carp Caught in Ogeechee River. 123

Hughes, Smith E.,184. Experiments in Penning Sea-fish 377

Huske, C. J. 77. Report on the Shad Work in South Carolina in 1883--Transportation of Shad-eggs on Trays. 161
_, 78. Report on California Trout Distribution in South Carolina in 1883. 104
_, 79. Shad-fishing on the Edisto River 165

Joncas, L. Z., 219. The Canadian Fisheries 457

Jones, J.F.,163: The Speckled Catfish. 321

Jordan,David S. 35. The Fishes of Florida Keys. 77
_,153. Proposed Propagation of Catfish as a Food-fish. 292

Kensington, E.T., 31. Composition of some of the Food-fishes. 74

Kenworthy, C.J., 36. Food Qualities of Tarpum (Megalops) 80.

Koons, B. F., 42. Planting Irish Shells--Helix aspersa Miller--at Wood's Holl, Mass. 87

Kunkel, Professor, 195. On the Conditions under which Trout exist in the German Waters 393

Laflin & Co., 121. Need of a National Law to Regulate the Size of Mesh of both Pound and Gill nets on the Great Lakes. 223

La Motte, Alfred V., 56. Comision de Piscicultura de la Republica Mexicana. 124

Leslie, Charles C., 137. On the Cultivation of Soft-shell Crabs. 256

Loomis, Watts T., 149. A Landlocked Salmon caught in Erie Canal. 288 Lord, Henry W.,174. The Fish of Devil's Lake, Dakota 351

Lowell, James Russell, 152. Thanks of the Executive Committee of the London International Fisheries Exhibition for the Participation by the United States. 291

McDonald, Marshall, 104. Shad Eggs sent to Cold Spring Harbor, New York, to be hatched. 198
_, 112. Transferring Catfish from the Potomac to the Colorado River, Arizona. 212
_, 141. Memorandum of some Results of Fish Culture already Attained. 261
_, 147. California Trout planted in Roanoke River in July, 1883, retaken in June, 1884. 286

Mackrill, Alfred, 32. A Great Carp. 75

McMenamin & Co., 15. Method of Catching Crabs. 48

Maitland, James G., 51. Exchange of Landlocked Salmon Eggs from Maine, for Loch Leven Trout Ova from Scotland. 114

Malmgren, A. J., 164. The Migrations of the Salmon (Salmo salar L.) in the Baltic. 322

Manley, J. J.. 25. American Fish introduced in English Waters. 60
_39. Pisciculture in England. 69

Martin, S,J., 45. Notes on the Fisheries of Gloucester, Mass. 89
_, 59. Notes on the Cod Gill-net Fisheries of Gloucester, Mass., 1883-'84 ............... 129
_, 102. Notes onthe Cod Gill-net Fisheries of Gloucester, Mass.,1883-'84 191
_, 135, Notes on the Fisheries of Gloucester, Mass. 249
_, 199. Notes on the Fisheries of Gloucester. Mass. 410
_, 214. Notes on the Fisheries of Gloucester, Mass. 444

Maslieurat-Lagemard, Dr., 70. Acclimatization of Salmo quinnat in France. 144

Mather, Fred, 53. Notes on Cod, Shrimp, &c., at Cold Spring Harbor. 123

Meek, Seth E.,47. A Note on the Cuban Eel. 111

Merchant, Jr., George. 67. The Incipiency of Night-Seining for Mackerel. 142

Merriam C. Hart, 148. The Fish of Lake Champlain. 287
_,158. The Musk-rat as a Fish-eater. 297

Miller, John F., 66. Proposed Introduction of Hawaiian Mullet into the United States. 141

Miller, W. B., 99. An Act to Prohibit Fishing by Steam Vessels with Shirred or Purse seines in any of the Waters within the Jurisdiction of the State of New Jersey. 187

Moseley, H. N., 139. A Carnivorous Plant preying on Vertebrata. 259
_, 140. The Fish eating Utricularia, or Bladderwort. 201

Nickerson, Seth, 97. Destruction of Small Fish in Weirs. 184

Nicklas, Carl, 217. On Manufactured Food for Trout and Carp. 453

Nowicki, M. 111. Anton Pintsch's Movable Fish-way. 209

Palmer, B. D., 55. Carp appear February 7, take the hook, and are excellent eating. 124

Paulsen, Paul George, 194. The World's Market for Klip-fish, Roe, and Herring. 392

Peirce, Milton P. 95. Resuscitation of Apparently Dead Carp. 183

Peixotto, Benjamin F., 203. The Sea-fisheries of France and Algiers. 417

Phillips, Barnet, 61. Some Notes on the Mullet Fisheries. 135
_, 71. Notes of a Trip in the Gulf of Mexico. 144

Pierce, H. D. 142. Notes on the Bluefish. Mortality of Florida fishes. 263

Pierce, H. D., 166. Some of the Difficulties which Confront Oyster Breeders. 332

Proctor, Richard A., 21. A Marine Monster. 55

Quattlebaum, Paul, 185. Method of Catching Carp with a Hook. 380

Rathbun, Richard, 205. Notes on the Decrease of Iobsters. 421

Raveret-Wattel, C. 159. Notes on a Disease Affecting Crawfish in Germany. 299

Redding, Joseph D., 143. Character of the Carp introduced by Capt. Henry Robinson about 1830. 266

Robinson W. Russell, 151. A California Salmon taken in James River. 290

Rumpff, Carl, 178. The Oyster as a Popular Article of Food in North America. 356

Ryder, John A. 9. On a new Form of Filter or Diaphragm to be used in the Culture of Oysters in Ponds. 17
_.12. On a Skin Parasite of the Cunner (Ctenolabrus adapersus) 37
_,13. Journal of operations on the Grounds of the Eastern Shore Oyster Company, on Chincoteague Bay, near Stockton, Md., during the Summer of 1863. 43
_,74. Carp do Eat Young Fishes. 152
_,12 G. Report Respecting the Present Condition and Future Prospects at St. Jerome Creek, for the Work of Oyster Culture. 235
_,169. Floats for the so-called Fattening of Oysters. 302
_,171. Note on the Pegeneration of the Scales of the German Carp. 345
_,182. On Apparatus for Collecting Oyster Spat. 373
_. 186 Care of Gold-fish. Queries of William Rusenstihl, jr., with Replies. 381

Scherzer, Karl von, l73. The Cultivation of the Sea. 348

Scudder, Charles W., 92. Vitality of German Carp, and Restoration of some apparently Dead. 179
_, 197. A list of the Blank Forms, Circulars, and Minor Publications of the United States Fish Commission, from August 1, 1883, to August 1, 1884. 397

Sheley, G. A., 116. Destruction of Fish caused by Nets of Small Mesh in Lake Michigan. 353

Siler, Andrew L., 17. Depletion of Fish in Panquitch and Bear Lakes, Utah. 51
_,138. A Fish-eating Plant. 257

Smart, Goldsmith, and Johnson, 43. A Chinese Method of Fish Culture. 88

Smiley, Chas. W., 1. Inspection of Fish and other Marine Products in the District of Columbia 1879 to 1883, inclusive. 1
_, 29. What Fish Culture has first to accomplish. 65
_, 96. Remarkable Resuscitation of Frozen Carp. 183
_, 103. The Influence of Artificial Propagation upon Production. Illustrated by the Salmon work of the Sacramento River, California. 201
_, 130. Occurrence of Black Grouper or Jew-fish off Block Island. 240
_, 144. Several Opinions upon how to Catch Carp. 268
_, 162. Brief Notes upon Fish and the Fisheries. 305
_. 169. Notes on the Shad Season of 1884, with References to other Species. 337
_. 179. Brief Notes upon Fish and Fisheries. 359
_. 190. Arrangement with the Life-saving Service and the Light-house Board for Collecting Whales, Porpoises, Sharks, and strange Forms of Marine Life. 385
_,218. Brief Notes up on Fish and Fisheries. 450
_, 213. Brief Notes upon Fish and the Fisheries. 469

Stearns, R.E.C.,117. Transportation of Clams and Oysters. 219

Stearns. Silas, 150. On the Position and Character of the Fishing Grounds of the Gulf of Mexico 289

Stone, E. 115. Notes on the Great Lake Fisheries, Depletion of Black Bass, &c. 218

Stone, Livingston, 91. Weights of Salmon taken at McCloud River Station in 1880. 178

Stover E.S. 206. Rearing Carp in Alkaline Water. 426

Tarr, R. S., 22. Return to Gloucester Harbor of the young Codfish hatched by the States Fish Commission. 57

Thompson, Edward, 89. Edible Qualities of Carp. 176

Thompson, Edward H, 110. Note on the Breeding of Eels. 208

True, Frederick W., 209. Porpoise-fishing at Cape May, New Jersey. 431

Valery-Mayot Prof., 62. Acclimatization of Salmo quinnat in France. 138

Van Mater, J. 15., 3. Occurrence of Balistes vetula on the New Jersey Coast. 13

Wallem, Fredrik M. Exports of Fish-oil from Norway, 1873-'82. 382

Warner, J. S. 118. Catching Fish in a Creek in Tennessee by a Water Snake. 220

Wheeler , L, T., 120. A new Method of Protecting the Eggs of Carp and Rearing the Young. 221

Whitcombe, W. P. 10. Notes on the Acclimatization of Fish in Victoria, Australia. 31