American Fish in France.*
By C. Raveret-Wattel.

During 1884 valuable shipments of the eggs of different species of salmon have been sent to France both by Prof. Spencer F. Baird, United States Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries, and by the German Fish-Cultural Society. Three thousand eggs of the Salmo irideus, or rainbow trout of California, were forwarded to our society from the establishment at Northville, Mich., according to the kind instructions of Professor Baird. I need not recount here the good qualities of the rainbow trout, whose beauty, vigor, and rapid growth make this species a valuable acquisition to our waters. Owing to the shipments due to the liberality of the U. S. Fish Commission and also to importations made at the same time by one of our members, the trout from the streams of California are rapidly becoming acclimated in France.

Very satisfactory reports are received concerning the acclimatization of California salmon (salmo quinnat). According to information given by Dr. Maslieurat-Lagemard; general counselor of the department of Creuse, this salmon seems to have already spawned in the Gartempe River, while on the other hand Professor Valery-Mayet, of the Agricultural College of Montpellier, reports that some of this species have been caught in the Aude and the Herault River, where the common salmon is never found.

* From annual report of the doings of the French Acclimatization Society in 1884.
Monthly Bulletin of the Society, Paris, July, 1885.