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____, On the Development of the Mammary Glands and Genitalia of the Cetacea. 135
____, On the Rate of Growth of the Common Clam, and on a Mode of Obtaining the Young of the Giant Clams of the Pacific Coast for the Purpose of Transplanting 174
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___ Answers to Questions about Fattening Oysters. 418

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___ Notes upon Fish and the Fisheries.65
___ Notes upon Fish and the Fisheries. 337
___ Sending Catfish to Europe. 433
___ Notes upon Fish and the Fisheries. 465

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Anon. An Act to Protect the Fish in the Potomac River in the District of Columbia, and to Provide a Spawning ground for Shad and Herring in the said Potomac River. 180

Anon. Resolution Asking for the Abrogation of the Fishery Clause of the Washington Treaty, Passed at a Convention of New England Fishermen, which met at Gloucester, December 27,1884. 447

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