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Bean, Tarleton H.
Report # 42 Report on the fishes observed in Great Egg Harbor Bay, New Jersey durlng the summer of 1887. 129
Report # 64. A hybrid between the Lake Trout and Brook Trout. 216
See, also, Collins, Bean, and Rathbun.

Bissell, John H.,Report # 9. The Canadian and American Fisheries of the Great Lakes. 7

Brakely John S., Report # 6. Rapid growth of Carp due to abundance of food. 20

Chalker, Robert B., Report # 37 Catch of Shad in Connecticut for 1887. 112

Chambers, W. Oldham, Report # 5. American fish cultivated by the National Fish-Culture Association of England. 17

Clark, Frank N., Report # 20. Whitefish distributed from Northville and Alpena Stations. 64

Cocks, Alfred Heneage, Report # 35. The Finwhale Fishery on the Lapland coast in 1886. 209

Collins, D.B., T.H. Bean, and Richard Rathbun, Report # 65. Results of investigations by the schooner Grampus, on the southern mackerel grounds in the spring of 1887. 217

Collins, J.W.,
Report # 40. Notes on the use of Squid for food in the United States. 127
Report # 41. Notes on the occurrence of Mackerel off the coast of Florida. 128
Report # 60. The beam-trawl Fishery of Great Britain, with notes on beam-trawling in other European countries. 289
Report # 62. Some reasons why the Fishermen of Nova Scotia prefer to use salt Clams Mya arenaria for bait in the bank hand-line Cod fisheries. 425
Report # 64. Statistics respecting certain features of the Vessel Fisheries of the United States. 447

Dresslar, Fletcher B., and Bert Fesler,Report # 63. A review of the Mackerels (Scombrinoea) of America & Europe 429

Duclos, Gilbert Report # 53. American Silver Perch or Calico Bass. 215

Dunn, Horace D.,
Report # 13. Fish-culture on the Pacific coast. 49
16. Salmon not injured by Catfish. 68

Earll, R. Edward, Report # 56. Notes on certain Fishery Industries of Eastport, Me., in 1886. 287

Earll, R. Edward and Hugh H. Smith, 46. The American Sardine industry in 1886. 161

Fesler, Bert. See Dresslar and Fesler.

Hamilton, W.R., Report # 19. Croaking of the Perch. 8

Hamlen, William. Report # 36. Report on the Shad work of the steamer Halcyon during the season of 1887. 111

Hinckelmann, Mr. Report # 29. Injuries to the fisheries in the Baltic by Seals. 8

Jordan David. S., Report # 49. Note on the occurrence of the Opha (Lamprus guttatus) on the Grand Bank. 202

Layet Alexandre, 31. Experimental hygiene. Observations on the red flesh of the Cod. 90

McDonald Marshall, Report # 34. Report of Shad distribution for 1887. 105

McIntosh, Professor, Report # 18. The eggs of fishes. 68

Mason, Frank H. Report # 50 Self-reproducing food for young fish. 203

Mather, Fred. Report # 7. Brown Trout In America. 21

Mather, Fred. Report # 61. Report upon the results of Salmon planting in the Hudson River. 409.

Maynard H.J. Report # 15. Rainbow Trout in southwestern Missouri. 55

Moore, Thomas J. Report # 1. Report on a successful attempt to introduce living Soles to America 1

Mowat, Thomas Report # 9. Statistics of the Fisheries of the Province of British Columbia for the year 1886. 24

Mowat, Thomas Report # 9. Statistics of the Fisheries of the Province of British Columbia for the year 1887. 159

Muntadas. F. Report # 52. Report on the Piscicultral Establishment of Piedra, Aragon, Spain. 211

Nye, Jr, Willard. Report # 45 Notes on the Fisheries of Buzzard's Bay and vicinity. 160

Rathbun, Richard. See Collins, Bean and Rathbun.


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Ravenel, W, de C., Report # 32. Report of operations at the Shad Hatching Station on Battery Island, near Havre de Grace, Md., during the season of 1887 . 95
Ravenel, W, de C., 48. Information bearing upon the artificial propagation of Mullet 197

Raveret-Wattel, C., Report # 51. The Piscicultural Establishment at Gremaz (Ain), France....207

Redding, Joseph D., Report # 17. Causes of the decrease of Salmon in the Sacramento River. 573

Rognerd, Carl, Report # 38. Hatching Cod in Norway 113

Ruge, J. G., Report # 8. The Sponge Fisheries of Florida 22

Seal, William P., Report # 57. The Aquarium. A brief exposition of Its principles and management. 274
Seal, William P., Report # 58. The keeping of Salmonidae for purposes of exhibition. 283
Seal, William P., Report # 59. An inquiry as to the proper methods for the care of living things held for popular amusement and instruction, or for purposes of biological research. 285

Smiley, Charles W., Report # 11. Loch Leven Trout introduced in the United States. 28
Smiley, Charles W., Report # 12. Notes upon fish and the fisheries. 33

Smith, Everett, Report # 4. Results of planting Shad in the Kennebec River 16

Smith, Hugh M. See Earll and Smith.

Smith, James A., Report # 30. Report on the Shad work of the steamer Fish Hawk during the season of 1887. 83

Southwell, Thomas, Report # 3. Notes on the Seal and Whale Fishery of 1888. 11

Stone, Livingston Report # 21. Best season for packing Salmon on the Pacific coast . 65

Tanner, Z. L., Report # 43. Report of the movements and operations of the Fish Commission steamer Albatross from September 15 to 20, 1887. 155

Thorarinsson, Bened.S., Report # 39. Notes on the Hatcheries and Fresh-water Fisheries of Iceland. 120

Von Otorendorp, C. G., Report # 33. A visit to the chief fishing places of Jutland. 101

Wilcox, W. A., Report # 22. The Fisheries of Gloucester, Mass., in January, 1887 , with notes on those of other localities. 66
Report # 23. The Fisheries of Gloucester, Mass, in February, 1887, with notes on those of other localities. 68
Report # 24. The Fisheries of Gloucester, Mass., in March, 1887, with notes on those of other localities. 70
Report # 25. Notes on the Frozen-Herring Trade with Newfoundland and the Bay of Fundy, winter of 1886-'87. 71
Report # 26. The Fisheries of Gloucester, Mass., in April, 1887, with notes on those of other localities. 73
Report # 27. The Fisheries of Gloucester, Maw, in May, 1887, with notes on those of other localities 76
Report # 28. The Fisheries of Gloucester, Masa., in June, 1887, with notes on those of other localities 78

Worth, S.G Report # 47 The Striped Bass or Rock Fish industry of Roanoke Island, North Carolina, & vicinity 193


Statistiques des Peche Maritimes. Report # 14. See Fisheries of France and Algeria in 1885. 51

U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Report # 10. An act for securing statistics of the extent and value of the Vessel Fisheries of the United States. 25