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Atkins, Charles G. Methods employed at Craig Brook in Rearing Young Salmonoid Fishes. 221-228

Augur, C. H. Fish Nets: Some account of their Construction and the Application of their Various Forms in the American Fisheries. 381-388

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Blackford, Eugene G. Address as Chairman of the Fish-cultural Section. 191

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Dean, Bashford. Notes on the Hatching of Sturgeon. 335-339

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Goode, George Brown. The Relation of Scientific Research to Economic Problems. 49-58

Green, W. S. Notes on the Irish Mackerel Fisheries. 357-360

Herrick, F. H. Habits and Development of the American Lobster, and their bearing upon its artificial propagation. 75-86

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Keyes, C.M. The Fishing Industry of Lake Erie, Past and Present. 349-353

Kunz, George F. The Exhibit of Pearls at the World's Columbian Exposition. 439-457

Lawrence-Hamilton, J. Foul Fish and Filth Fevers 311-334.

Lawrence-Hamilton, J. Reforms and Improvements suggested for the Fisheries of Great Britain and Ireland. 293-310

Linton, Edwin. Observations Concerning Fish Parasites. 101-112

Loeb, Jacques. The Influence of Light on the Periodical Depth Migrations of Pelagic Animals. 65-68

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MacCallum, G.A. The Assimilation of the Fishery Laws of the Great Lakes. 17-20

McDonald, Marshall. Address as Chairman of the General Committee. 15-16

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Nordqvist, Oscar. Some Notes about American Fish-Culture. 197-200

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Reeves, I. S. K. Description of the Fresh and Salt Water Supply and Pumping Plants used for the Aquarium. 159-161

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Rowe, Henry C. The Methods of Deep-water Oyster Culture. 273-276

Ryder, John A. Biological Research in Relation to the Fisheries. 59-63

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