TABLE OF CONTENTS 1894....(Image of ToC)

Eigenmann, Carl H. Results of Explorations in Western Canada and the Northwestern United States. (Issued July 7,1894.) 101-132

Evermann, B. W., and Cloud. Rutter. The Fishes of the Colorado Basin. (Issued May 23,1895 473 - 486

Evermann, B. W., and W.C. Kendall. A List of the Species of Fishes Known from the vicinity of Neosho, Mo. (Issued May 23,1895. 468-472

Gilbert, Charles H. Notes on Fishes from the Basin of the Mackenzie River in British America. (Issued March 24,1894 23-25

Gilbert, C. H., and B. W. Evermann. A Report upon Physical and Natural History Investigations in the Columbia River Basin. (Issued August 27,1894, as part of Senate Mis. Doc. 200, Fifty-third Congress, second session.) 169-207

Henshall, James A. Notes on Fishes Collected in Florida in 1892. (Issued May 21,1895.) 209-221

Jordan, David Starr. Notes on the Fresh-water Species of San Luis Obispo County, Cal.(Issued November 22,1894.) 141-142

Jordan, D. S., and C. H. Gilbert List of the Fishes Inhabiting Clear Lake, California. (Issued November 22,1894.) 139-140

Kendall, William C. Notes on the Fresh-water Fishes of Washington County, Me. (Issued March 24,1894.) 43-54

Kendall, W. C., and Hugh M Smith. Extension of the Recorded Range of Certain Marine and Fresh-water Fishes of the Atlantic Coast of the United States. (Issued March 14,1894.) 15-21

Kirsch, Philip H. Report upon Explorations made in Eel River Basin in the Northeastern Part of Indiana in the summer of 1892.(Issued March 24, 1894.)31-41

Kirsch, Philip H. Report upon Investigations in the Maumee River Basin during the Summer of 1893. (Issued May 23, 1895.) 315-337

Knauthe, Karl. Two Fertile Cyprinoid Hybrids. (Issued March 24, 1894.)29-30

McDonald, Marshall. The Salmon Fisheries of the Columbia River, together with a Report upon Physical and Natural History Investigations in the Region, by C. H. Gilbert and B. W. Evermann. (Issued August 27, 1894, as Senate Mic. Doc. 200, Fifty-third Congress, second session.) 153-207

Meek, Seth Eugene. Notes on the Fishes of Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska. (Issued November 22, 1894.) 133-138

Meek, Seth Eugene. Report of Investigations Respecting the Fishes of Arkansas, conducted during 1891, 1892, and 1893, with a Synopsis of Previous Explorations in the same State. (Issued May 3, 1894.) 67-94

Nordqvist, Oscar. An American Fish in Finland. (Issued March 24, 1894.) 27-28

Page, William F. Feeding and Rearing Fishes, particularly Trout, under Domestication. (Issued May 24, 1895.). 289-314

Smith Hugh M. A Statistical Report on the Fisheries of the Middle Atlantic States. (Issued May 23,1895.) 339-467

Smith, H.M. Notes on a Reconnaissance of the Fisheries of the Pacific Coast of the United States in 1894. (Issued May 22, 1895.) 223-288

Smith, H.M. Notes on the Capture of Atlantic Salmon at Sea and in the Coast Waters of the Eastern States. (Issued May 3, 1894.) 95-99

Smith, H.M. Notes on Two Hitherto Unrecognized Species of American Whitefishes. (Issued March 14,1894.) 1-13

Tanner, Z. L. On the Appliances for collecting Pelagic Organisms, with special reference to those employed by the U. S. Fish Commission.(Issued December 6, 1894. ) 143-151

Woolman, Albert J. Report on a Collection of Fishes from the Rivers of Central and Northern Mexico. (Issued May 31, 1894.) 55-66