In the below exchanges of letters, WRFR Community Radio challenged Maine Department of Corrections' decision ordering inmate Deane Brown to cease being a radio correspondent. Brown's continued defiance of the Warden's order resulted in his exile to a Maryland high security prison. A case is pending before federal court seeking to overturn his exile.

UPDATE: On August 27, 2008 Judge Martha Kravchuk rejected Maine Corrections Commissioner Martin Magnusson's motion to dismiss Brown's lawsuit.

* 10/17/06 Maine State Prison Warden Jeffrey Merrill orders Inmate Deane Brown to cease communicating "confidential information" to WRFR Community Radio or face "disciplinary action". 10/17/06

* 10/18/06 Inmate Deane Brown replies to letter from Warden Jeffrey Merrill (below)

* 10/24/06 WRFR LPFM Community Radio replies to letter to inmate Deane Brown from Warden Merrill.

* 10/26/06 Maine State Prison Warden Jeffrey Merrill replies to letter from WRFR; states that "...Deane Brown may not act as a correspondent for your station..."

8/29/07 WRFR News producer Ron Huber writes Governor Baldacci to have Deane Brown "...returned to Maine state prison's general population, restore his property and clarify his and other inmates' right to use the telephone to communicate with friends and media outlets without fear of unjust retribution."

9/6/07 Baldacci's Deputy Council Karla Black responds to WRFR letter