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Fishing Grounds of the Gulf of Maine

The Bounties (The Bowdies) This ground bears SE. by S 1/2 S distant 6 miles from Wooden Ball Island. It is nearly circular in form, about 4 miles across, and has depths from 40 to 60 fathoms. The bottom, of gravel and rocks, is somewhat broken.

It is a good cod and cusk ground in spring and fall and a haddock ground in winter and is fished by vessels and sloops, mainly by trawling but with a certain amount of hand lining, in May and June. A summer hake ground extends from 3 miles ESE. of Seal Island to 4 miles SSE of the Wooden Ball, thus it is about 7 1/2 miles long by some 2 1/2 miles wide. The depths here are from 35 to 60 fathoms.