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Fishing Grounds of the Gulf of Maine

Hatchell Ground. This ground lies SE. by E 3/4 E. 9 miles from the western head of Isle au Haute. Marks are eastern Mount Desert Hill in the middle Saddle of Long island, and Little Spoon Island in the great or center Saddle of Isle au Haute.

The ground is only about 1 mile in diameter and has a small shoal of about 15 fathoms, which is somewhat difficult to find. Depths are from 25 to 40 fathoms over most of the ground, in general, the shoaler parts near the center. The bottom is sharp and rocky on the shoals, gravelly and pebbly on the sides. At the edge of the ground the deep water has a soft-mud bottom.

There is much of low animal life here to serve as food for the fishes and, next to Grumpy, this ground was considered the best inside Mount Desert Rock.

Cod and a few pollock are taken here in the spring. Hake are abundant on the edge in the mud throughout the summer. Haddock are plentiful from November to February. Fishing is done with hand lines and trawls by small craft and vessels from Maine ports.