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Fishing Grounds of the Gulf of Maine

Monhegan Western Ground. This is a somewhat extensive ground lying about 4 miles WSW from Monhegan Island. The depths range from 22 to 45 fathoms. The bottom is rocky and gravelly and in places much broken.

This is a good spring ground for cod and a summer ground for hake and cusk in 40 to 50 fathoms. Pollock are found here in September and October. Its length is 4 or 5 miles, and its greatest breadth is 2 miles on the eastern portion, gradually narrowing westward to about 1 mile. The ground runs SE, and NW. It is fished by hand lines, trawls, and gill nets.

Marks: Bring houses on New Harbor over the white cliff on Pemaquid 6 miles from New Harbor.