BAY LAW. Don't like pollution, sprawl, chain commerce & other absentee industry transforming the Bay Area? Get to know the RULES OF THE GAME. Get informed and make your state and federal public servants take a hard look at every major air, land or water-transforming proposal that comes down the venture capital pike. Below are some of the laws and rules that Federal Maine agencies make their decisions in Maine by.


All Maine Rules & Regulations
Maine DEP Rules ___ Laws
Maine Site Location of Development Law Page
Guide To Environmental Laws Affecting Shorefront Property. (48 page pdf file)
Maine DMR Rules ___ Laws
Maine DIFW Rules _ Laws
Maine DOC Rules __ Laws

Appealing a Maine DEP development decision or pollution discharge license. UPDATED

Maine Aquaculture laws

Federal Environmental Laws
Federal Natural Resource Laws

How to participate in federal & state dredging and spoil dumping decisions

FEDERAL Guidelines for the placement of fixed and floating structures in navigable waters of the United States. * The University of maine's Marine Law Institute University of Maine School of Law

* Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission __ Laws ___ More laws