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Sears Island Meeting Audio Recordings Portal

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March 13, 2009. MDOT chief Kenneth Cole to legislature's Transportation Committee on using Stimulus $$ for Sears Island infrastructure dredging and demolition

* January 13, 2009. Legislature reverses stance; approves easement before port permitting

* November 18, 2008. The Legislature's Transportation Committee votes on final report of the Sears Island Joint Use Planning Committee. **** Photos

* October 27, 2008. Legislature considers JUPC Plan

* October 15, 2008 JUPC testifies before the Maine Legislature's Transportation Committee, Augusta..... Photos of meeting

*June 25, 2008 Joint Use Planning Committee Meeting

* June 6, 2008 Sears Island Joint Use Planning Committee (JUPC)

* June 5, 2008. WERU Radio Debate on Sears Island.

*1996 Then-Governor Angus King blames eelgrass for stopping his Sears Island port plan in1996. From Maine Public Radio.