Friends of Sears Island Back



10/27/03 MDOT writes to Governor's staff on how to lease Sears island.

12/02/03 MDOT to Governor's office on who's got jurisdiction and letter response

12/31/03 Governor's office asks Harspwell selectman for advice on Sears Island issues.

12/22/03 Sears Island meeting set up for Stearns, Nutter, Adams.

2/03/04 Levitan Inc offers its expertise in getting Sears Island LNG'd.

2/04/04 Governor's staff to Governor on complaints by LNG wannabe.

2/05/04 Governor's staff atty S. Burt reacts to Friends of Sears Island FOA request

2/05/04 LNG lawyer to Maine DOT re draft option

2/06/04 MDOT details the proposed Sears Island LNG deal.

2/17/04 Governor's staff atty S. Burt reacts to Fair Play for Harpswell FOA request

2/21/04 Economics Commissioner asks for (non-existent) Harpswell LNG economic analysis

2/23/04 MDOT's Cole to Baldacci's atty Stearns on plan for fighting litigation re Sears Island.

2/23/04 State economist Galen Rose tells Governor's staff - no Harpswell economic study exists.

2/25/04 MDOT, LNG representatives visit Sears Island, discuss dealing with other would-be LNG port builders

2/27/04 Maine Commissioner of finance Rebecca Wyke asks Levitan Inc for update.

3/2/04 State representative Hannah Pingree asks Baldacci policy advisor Alan Stearns if he knows his Feb 4th memo to the Governor on Sears Island "was leaked".

3/3/04 Baldacci advisor Stearns tells state legislator Hannah Pingree that all Sears Island related documents have been released per FOA requests.