Gouldsboro and Lubec LNG Watch 2004

FOA'd documents from June 25, 2004 to September 29, 2004 from a 9/29/04 Freedom of Access Law request to Governor Baldacci's office .

The request was for "all emails, memos, meeting minutes, reports, phone logs and other public records in the custody of the Office of the Governor, including staff, that pertain to plans and proposals for Liquified Natural Gas terminals and pipelines in Maine, including, but not limited to Passamaquoddy territory" that were sent or received between June 25, 2004 and September 29, 2004.

List of Governor's staff & agency heads mentioned. Other FOA'd documents

* Jamie Waterbury requests LNG files from Governor's staff for PBW FOA 9/30/04
* Kurt Adams responds to 9/29/04 PBW FOA request 10/13/04


* FERC announces tribal LNG liason 8/16/04

* Jim Dusch describes Passmaquoddy LNG vote; says Quoddy Bay plans to "prefile with FERC late this fall" 8/18/04

* Lubec resident writes to governor re LNG; Alan Stearns responds. 8/31/04

* Alan Stearns says Baldacci against Gouldsboro LNG plan 9/1/01

* Joy Leach (Dep Dir of Communications)asks what to tell callers about Gouldsboro LNG plan 9/02/04

Peggy Schaffer of DECD explains background of Gouldsboro Navy site and reasons against LNG there

* Ltr to Baldacci from Schoodic Area Futures 9/3/04 & response by Nagusky 9/6/04

* Calais official sends activist's email to Stearns 9/14/04

* M Soctomah writes to Beth Nagusky 9/15/04

* Nagusky relies to Soctomah 9/15/04

* Stearns says LNG Security report not worth classifying 9/21/04

* MIT student tells Stearns of US Geological Survey plan to search Maine LNG sites 9/24/04