Maine LNG Watch

FOA'd documents from a June 2004 Freedom of Access Law request to Governor Baldacci's office, requesting all LNG related files from April through June 2004.
List of Governor's staff & agency heads mentioned. Other FOA'd documents

Governor Baldacci & LNG: Security & Public Safety
LNG Security Review of Boston Harbor & Everett LNG facility (& Harpswell) Undated)
Dept of Public Safety's memo to Adams & Stearns re DPS' LNG 'Perspective' report 10/29/03
Report by DPS: "LNG: A Perspective on Security & Safety" unsigned, undated
Maine Emergency Management Agency to Baldacci advisor -overview of LNG security issues undated

Governor Baldacci and "political" side of LNG issues in Maine.
David Bright, friend of Baldacci's, offers Sears Island & LNG political advice 5/20/04 2/20/04

Governor Baldacci and Quoddy LNG plan.
Notes from LNG meeting at Pleasant Point undated
Quoddy Bay LLC's "Fact Sheet" distributed at a public meeting with Passamaquaddy tribe.
Umphrey to Cashman on Portland investors for Washington County LNG 5/19/04
Baldacci's draft Quoddy LLC statement 6/8/04

Governor Baldacci and Federal Govt "pre-emption" on LNG
MDEP Commissioner gets report on state's existing LNG laws & regulations 11/26/03
Nagusky to DEP and Gov's chief counsel on FERC powers 4/22/04
Nagusky sends Littel & Stearns copies of FERC Preemption Order #CP04-58 4/22/04
Describes federal document on who controls LNG decisions 4/28/04
Citizens Energy writes to Baldacci about FERC & Maine 5/14/04
CLF writes to FERC & Governor about LNG in New England 5/5/04
CLF writes to New England Governors, Congress about LNG 5/5/04

Governor Baldacci and towns and state legislators on LNG
Governor's form letter on LNG ("sent to 92 constituents") 5/25/04
Stockton Springs Selects write to Waldo County with LNG concerns 3/12/04
3 Legislators write Baldacci with LNG concerns. 3/29/04
Baldacci writes to Searsport 4/4/04
Waldo County Commissioners write JEB with concerns 4/13/04
Searsport writes to Baldacci; asks for official "No LNG without town support" letter in writing. 4/15/04
Searsport invites Governor to Searsport LNG gathering. 4/22/04
Baldacci writes to Waldo County Commissioners & area legislators about LNG 6/1/04

Governor Baldacci & Sierra Club communications on LNG
Sierra Club writes to Baldacci calls for LNG planning 2/23/04
Baldacci's policy advisor responds to Sierra Club 3/304
MDOT Commissioner Cole writes to Sierra Club 4/6/04
Sierra Club writes again to Baldacci, "puzzled" by non response) 4/28/04
Baldacci policy analyst Stearns sets meeting with Sierra Club, Islesboro Island Trust 5/19/04